Forests carry a lot of importance for the human life on Earth. As a matter of fact, we are dependent on forests for our basic needs including survival. Forests purify the air we breathe in. Moreover, we obtain wood from forests to make a myriad of stuff, such as furniture. Forests provide watershed protection, prevent climate change and prevent the soil erosion. Although we depend on forests, we are not taking the right steps to make sure they don’t disappear. They are extremely important in our lives.

Forests give us shelter, water, fuel, and food. And these activities are related to forests in one way or the other. Some of the activities are easy to understand, such as wood, paper, and fruits. And then there are some by-products that we derive from forests, such as detergents, cosmetics, and medicines.

At Eco-rescue, we offer conservation services that include forest protection and other enhancement programs for the owners of forests. Our forest management services include the protection and monitoring of forests with the help of satellite radars. Our goal is to reduce carbon emission and make sure forests are safe. Founded in 2000, Eco-rescue is one of the most popular providers with the aim to make sure forests are under protection at all times.


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