4 Lessons to Help You Protect Global Forests

Written by Terrence Fox on July 28, 2018


It’s more to forests than just trees. Although around 500 million humans are dependent on forests for their bread and butter, the whole world relies on them for water, medicine, clean air and food. Moreover, forests absorb a lot of carbon dioxide during the day. So, they are critical as far as preventing the climate change is concerned. Given below are 4 lessons that can help you protect global forests.

1) Know the Value of Forests

Forests shouldn’t be seen for their market value only. Actually, forests offer a host of services at no cost. For instance, they filter water, provide food and turn carbon dioxide into oxygen for us.

2) Manage Forests

Apart from protecting forests, we also need to ensure that the communities that depend on them also get the benefits. In other words, these people have a very close relationship with trees. So, they will be more than happy to help with this cause.

3) Prevent the Illegal Trade of Timber

In order to stop the illegal trade of timber, we should play our role. First of all, we should raise our voice to have a strong legal framework. Moreover, what carries the most importance is the implementation of the regulations. Also, it’s important to reduce the cost of transaction for those who play by the rules.

4) Go for Restoration

In order to prevent deforestation, forest restoration can offer a lot of opportunities. If efforts are made, billions of acres of degraded forest areas can be restored. Local people can also play their role in this.

So, these are 4 lessons for those who are worried about forests around the globe. If you want to play your role to protect trees around the world, make sure you consider the lessons given in this short article. This is the best way of adding value to our environment.



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6 Things You Can Do To Save Forests

Written by Terrence Fox on July 4, 2018


We should try to raise awareness to save forests. Often, people fail to understand what they can do in order to protect trees. In this article, we have given simple tips that can help you make a difference as far as protecting forests is concerned. Let’s know what role you can play.

Go paperless

Instead of papers, you can use digital notebooks at both home and office. In other words, you may want to replace physical papers with electronic bills, documents, and receipts, just to name a few. In the same way, you should send emails rather than paper mail or faxes.

Print less

The first thing you need to do is find out if you really need a printed document. In case of urgent need, you can do so. But if you don’t really need it, don’t do it.

Print smart

You need to work the smart way. If you really need a print-out, make sure you print on either side of the document. Moreover, you should get a single copy to pass around. Don’t print a lot of documents just because you can.


It’s a good idea to recycle the paper material. You can install a recycling center where you want. It could be your home or office. This is the easy way of disposing of the unwanted paper.

Opt for recycled paper

You can get recycled office and toilet paper at a local shop. You can save forests by opting for products made from old/recycled documents.

Look for the FSC logo

Before you buy a product, make sure you look for the FSC logo. Actually, wood and other products that are certified by the FSC can benefit you as well as the environment. Look for companies that reuse and recycle like the top rated junk removal Vancouver has to offer, Rid-Of-It Vancouver.

So, if you want to lead a better life, you may want to follow these tips to protect trees around the world.


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Why must we conserve our forests?

Written by Terrence Fox on June 7, 2018


The Forests play a vital role in on our planet as trees are considered to be significantly important for the humans’ and animals’ lives and trees help to maintain the ecological system. According to the geologists and environmental experts, every country needs to have at least 2.5% of its land covered with the trees in an attempt to safeguard human and animal lives. Unfortunately, we have been failed to conserve our forests when as we keep on cutting trees in order to fulfill the increasing needs of urbanization, timber, and wood. Trees are considered to be quintessential in the sense as that they provide us the fresh oxygen and water that is the basic requirement for the human survival in the world.


Interestingly, the cutting of trees has become a human need, as we need numerous items in the shape of timber, wood upon which the large population of the world relies on. Forests are known to be rain magnets which allow rains to occur through the process of evaporation. Statistically, trees help maintain the normal temperature along with its ability to safeguard us from the natural disasters and calamity in the shape of soil erosion, cyclones surrounding the coastal parts of the global village.

Furthermore, forests are the platform for many of the species and animals which they use to establish their livelihood and fulfill their basic necessities of life. One can come across millions of species or animals belonging to the very planet we live on, that use the forest as their homes. Have you ever seen different kinds of animals living in the forests in the shape of elephants, lion, tiger, termites and much more? In an attempt to prove that we are the responsible human being who really cares about the other species, we need to conserve forest areas where homes and livelihood of the animals are already established.


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Forests And Their Importance

Written by Terrence Fox on June 2, 2018


A large area on land, which is dominated by many trees and different types of plants, is known as a forest. Forests play a great role in our lifestyle by preventing soil erosion, mitigate changes in climate, economic signification and also offer watershed protection. Forests have about 90 percent of species of the earth in it. Many wild animals like cheetahs, gorilla, snakes, birds etc live in the river area or streams area of the forests.

It’s a fact that forest is so important for all living creatures on earth and are also very beneficial for humans. Some of the reasons are given below:

Purification of THE ATMOSPHERE:

Forests play a very important role as far as air purification is concerned. During the day trees and other plants inhale or absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and exhale oxygen into the atmosphere. This process is known as photosynthesis and it helps purify the air that we breathe in.

Stabilization of the CLIMATE:

The process of photosynthesis not only purifies the air but also absorbs the sun’s radiant heat, which can also help us by promoting rainfall and stabilizing the climate.

Enrichment of SOIL:

Forests perform a natural process in the soil to encourage water infiltration. When the small leaves and branches fall down to the ground and slowly get mixed in the soil, they enrich the soil.


Forests are useful in the medicinal industry. A large number of herbs of different species are collected from forests in order to make incredibly effective drugs that can cure and give relief to the patients suffering from different diseases such as cancer.

ECONOMIC Significance:

As you all know that forests refer to a very large number of trees. All three have stems and branches that provide benefits for us humans. For example, things we use in your daily life routine like furniture, spoons, clocks, doors, or even floors are made of the wood that comes from the forest trees.


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